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Are Your Kids Safe From Internet Gambling?

In most homes, families share tablets, mobile phones, and computers on a daily basis. The simple act of an adult who is an Internet gambler allowing a child to use their tablet, phone or computer at home means that kid can bypass any fancy security system and gamble online. Now your home is a casino, your kids have the opportunity to become gamblers, and there is no security system that can stop that. We need to protect families and children and stop Internet gambling.

Think Your Family is Safe from Online Gambling?

A look at online gambling from your kid’s perspective. Think your family is safe? Don’t bet on it.

Online Gambling Just Takes Gambling Too Far.

Online gambling crosses the line of responsible gaming by bringing gambling into our living rooms through smartphones, tablets and home computers 24 hours a day.

Don’t Let the Games Begin.

If lobbyists get their way, Online gambling will be available in every home, dorm room, and on every smartphone. When the online games begin, that’s when the trouble starts.

Sen. Lincoln Discusses Online Gambling with Mike Huckabee

Senator Blanche Lincoln sits down with Mike Huckabee on Fox News to discuss the dangers posed by Internet gambling and how there’s nothing the FBI can do to police it.

Mayor Willie Brown on Internet Gambling

Former Mayor of San Francisco, Willie Brown, discusses why he supports a ban on Internet gambling.

Wellington Webb on Internet Gambling

Former Mayor of Denver, Wellington Webb, talks about the impact Internet gambling has on minorities and other vulnerable groups.

Senator Blanche Lincoln Warns on Internet Gambling

Blanche Lincoln, a former senator and mother of twin boys, discusses the dangers Internet gambling poses to children and families.

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