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“It Was Just Far Too Easy”

“Teenager, 13, took his dad’s credit card…it took literally seconds to register and start gambling” As online gambling companies attempt to transform the device on which you’re reading this email into a virtual casino open 24/7, the industry’s latest underage victim is speaking out about the dangers of doing so. A 13-year-old boy lost more than […]
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Internet gambling opponents are zeroing in on the industry’s ads to try and shut it down

Online-gambling opponents say they’ve spotted ads promoting online betting on children’s game sites and alongside articles about gambling addiction. They’re trying to use this to convince Congress and the Justice Department to reverse a 2011 decision that opened the door for states to permit internet gambling. A source close to the legislative fight shared screenshots […]
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Restore the Wire Act

The Washington Examiner April 24, 2o17 By Jon Bruning Since 1961, all gambling involving interstate telecommunications, including online gambling, has been prohibited by the Wire Act, which was originally written to strike at a major funding source for the mob. When the Internet emerged, illegal offshore online casinos flourished by targeting young Americans. Congress responded […]
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Attorney General Laxalt Supports Nevada Jobs

  Nevada Attorney General, Adam Laxalt, has announced he will sign on to a letter currently circulating among state Attorneys General that supports the Restoration of America’s Wire Act (RAWA). In doing so, he is making a public commitment to protect jobs in Nevada’s travel and tourism sector, the state’s largest industry. More than 330,000 […]
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