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Are Your Kids Safe From Online Gambling?

Online gambling is probably not on your “mom radar,” but it should be. Online gambling opportunities are increasingly available to kids and teenagers who think that it’s harmless and fun. But kids who gamble are much more likely to engage in other high-risk behaviors such as problems with the law (often as a result of stealing and borrowing money to finance their gambling involvement), truancy, and poor academic performance.

By bringing gambling into living rooms through smartphones, tablets, and home computers, Internet gambling crosses the line. And as much as parents would like, they simply can’t police their kids 24 hours a day.

Fact: Your kid’s smartphone could be a casino

Online gambling companies are using cartoon characters to lure your kids. These despicable marketing tactics mask online gambling, making it appear fun and harmless.

Fact: The FBI can’t do anything to stop it right now

In 2011, the Department of Justice bypassed Congress and reversed a decades-old legal precedent, the Wire Act, by claiming it no longer prohibited online gambling. This opened the floodgates to legalized Internet gambling and FBI has stopped cracking down, leaving illegal, foreign gambling sites to do as they please, with no fear of prosecution.

Fact: You can help us protect families by taking action

Through the Coalition to Stop Internet Gambling, we’re fighting back with bi-partisan legislation that restores the original interpretation of the Wire Act and bans online gambling, protecting families and the public interest.

Governors and state legislators are backing us. Family groups are backing us. We’ve put together a really formidable coalition and we need your help to spread the word!

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