New Poll Shows Pennsylvania Voters Adamantly Opposed to Online Gambling

Last week, a poll of Pennsylvania voters was conducted to determine the public opinion on Internet gambling and the results were clear: Pennsylvanians across the political spectrum and from all parts of the Commonwealth are adamantly opposed to Internet gambling: 73% oppose Internet gambling   68% believe Internet gambling is completely different from traditional gambling […]

Pennsylvania Legislative Hearing on Online Gambling

As the state of Pennsylvania hears arguments for and against legalizing online gambling, Andy Abboud, Senior Vice President of Government Affairs for Las Vegas Sands, laid bare the repercussions of making gambling available on every Internet device during a hearing on April 16. Perhaps most importantly, Mr. Abboud echoed the concerns of Las Vegas Sands […]

Morgan Stanley Cuts Estimate of US Online Gambling Market in Half

Morgan Stanley has cut its estimate of the potential U.S. Internet gambling market by nearly half. The firm now estimates the nationwide online betting market at $2.7 billion by 2020, down from an initial estimate of $5 billion. In a report issue Tuesday, the firm predicts no additional states will approve Internet gambling this year. Three states […]

PokerStars faces allegations of €300m fraud and tax evasion

PokerStars, the online gaming brand owned by Amaya Gaming, has been accused of large-scale fraud and tax evasion totalling €300 million ($318.4 million) by financial authorities in Italy. According to various reports, the tax fraud was run through Malta and the Isle of Man, which in turn meant Italy missed out on a sizeable amount of […]

Internet Gambling Hurts Union Jobs

Most, if not all casinos are built using union building and trades labor. Repairs to the physical infrastructure of casinos are many times made by union workers. Internet gambling is focused on replacing physical casinos, with casino games that you play on your handheld device or pad. If approved, internet gambling will reduce participation at […]