The Hidden Dangers of Internet Gambling

Some people have asked me why I strongly oppose Internet gambling and I can sum it up in one sentence: Gambling on the Internet is for chumps. “Chumps” is an old-school reference to naïve and foolish people, the ones who think if they make just one more bet they will strike it rich but instead […]

Personal issues central to Adelson’s opposition to online gaming

Online gaming was the main event of the main event at this year’s Global Gaming Expo (G2E) in Las Vegas, as highly anticipated keynote speaker Sheldon Adelson fielded questions about his controversial opposition to US igaming during the latter part of his one-on-one interview with Roger Gros, carried out in front of a large audience.

Nevada Online Poker Takes A Major Hit In August

Nevada Online Poker Takes A Major Hit In August Nevada’s online poker market took a major hit in August, after the state’s three regulated poker sites experienced a 22.5% fall inrevenues to $742,000, down by $243,000 compared to July’s tally. August’s figure also represented Nevada’s lowest monthly total of 2014 so far, but despite the […]

Internet gambling harmful to minorities

Years ago, big city visitors often came across an enticing scene on certain street corners. A crowd of people standing in wonder as someone – typically called the “mark” – tried to pick the “money” card out of three cards laying face-down on a cardboard box. Pick the right card, you win.