How easy is it for children to access casino-like gaming on social media? Unfortunately, the answer is that it couldn’t get much easier. With just a Facebook or iTunes account, kids can download casino gaming apps to their phone or computer and start playing casino games, many specifically targeted for children. These games feature cartoons and other kid-friendly characters like Santa Claus and nice kittens.

As players lose virtual money when they play,  the apps encourage them to replace it with virtual coins bought with real money. It’s really simple and it’s being targeted directly at our children. Once kids get a taste for this “virtual gaming,” they can develop an affinity for online gambling, and it is a short step to dangerous offshore gaming providers or various “Bad Actors” within our own borders.

Click here to see how Caesars Slots, in particular, makes it easy for kids to gamble online. Then take steps to help protect American families by supporting RAWA legislation and sharing this message on Twitter.


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