Is Online Gambling Legal?

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There are a number of issues coming to a head in regard to online gambling. Currently, Nevada, New Jersey, and Delaware allow online gambling. There are proposals in California, Mississippi, New York, and Pennsylvania to join that group. Many other states are considering measures, both for and against, as well.

The nature of online gambling – the fact that it so easily travels across state borders – means that there is ample opportunity to operate around state laws. That’s one of the reasons why we believe the issue requires a federal law that protects all citizens.

So is online gambling legal? The answer, confusingly, is yes and no. By supporting the Coalition to Stop Internet Gambling, you are sending a clear message to protect families, like yours, from online predators who operate on the fringe of the law. Identity theft, financial ruin, legal exposure, and many other issues are real threats to families across America.






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