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Almost every day there are new stories about major cyber security breaches, stolen data, and criminal online activity. If you gamble online, you are more likely to become a victim to the fraudulent hackers, sketchy site operators, and shoddy security that plague the industry.


Hackers create spyware to rig online poker

Two of the largest online poker sites have experienced a major breach in their security. The latest scandal exposes members to massive fraud and allows perpetrators to view the hands of unsuspecting players. The malware is a virus that identifies the victim to the hackers. Screenshots of their hands are sent to the hackers who then use that information to rig the hand, thus winning through fraud.
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Gambling sites make it nearly impossible to erase your private, sensitive data

Noted cyber security expert, Simon Davies, discusses his experience with online gambling companies and how they handle personal data. Through months of research and interaction with online gambling sites, he discovered that it’s next to impossible to erase your account. He also finds that customers have no idea how their personal data is used once it’s submitted to an online gambling site. See what it feels like to go toe-to-toe with online gambling operators who refuse to answer questions and hide behind dubious laws.
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Cyber Security a Key Issue in Upcoming Presidential Election

Experts around the country agree – cyber security should be a key issue in the 2016 U.S. presidential election. A recently conducted study shows that cyber security professionals believe candidates on both sides should, and will, bring online security to the front of their policy platforms.
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CIA Chief: Cyber Terror is the Future

For the first time in 50 years, the CIA is creating a new directorate to combat the pervasive and growing threat of cyber terror. CIA Director John Brennan believes the future of terrorism is online, pointing to scores of government and corporate hacks performed by foreign nationals and terrorists groups.
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National Cyber Security Awareness Month

October is National Cyber Security Month and the FBI is taking to opportunity to inform and warn citizens about recent developments in the fight against online crime. Find details about how online criminals work and how the FBI is coordinating the fight to keep us all safe.
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